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PoP Podcast Trailer

Poetry off the Page Podcast
Poetry off the Page Podcast
PoP Podcast Trailer

This is the podcast trailer for Poetry Off the Page; written, produced, and edited by Marie Krebs. The podcast is part of the project “Poetry Off the Page: Literary History and the Spoken Word, 1965-2020” based at the University of Vienna, Austria. Each episode is hosted by a different member of the team who will introduce a particular aspect of spoken word poetry in the UK and/or Ireland. The first episode will go live on 15 February 2024.

The extract is taken from a recording by Apples & Snakes featuring Benjamin Zephaniah performing ‘Dis Poetry’ at CGCC on 27 October 1989.

The theme music is “Playing in Colour” by user 29811401 on Pixabay.

You can access the episode transcript here.

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